Thursday, November 6, 2008

Northern Shrike in Ewingville, MD

Ah yes, but first enjoy this RED-TAILED HAWK. I spotted this well-known roadside raptor enjoying some lunch on the edge of the Shrike's field. On the way home, I noticed not one, but two more RED TAILS in the grassy median of Route 301. It's a wonder these buteos survive the traffic, let alone the daily struggles of just being a raptor.

And as I drove near Silver Spring, Maryland today, I had a COOPER'S HAWK fly mere feet over my speeding car, crossing yet another major highway. So, aside from the small mammals moving about this autumn, do keep an eye out for wildlife while you're on the roads.

And now, without further ado... the NORTHERN SHRIKE.In a flying shot. The clouds were thick and the sky was dark. The weather was angry my friends.I walked a bit closer and managed to grab a few, slightly less-blurry photos.Here is our Shrike enjoying some lunch. Grasshopper anyone? This bird is famous for sometimes impaling it's prey, small birds, mammals, and insects, on spines or barbed wire fences. Sinister, right? Diabolical? That is quite the calling card, no?Finally, enjoy this HORNED LARK that was singing away in the nearby field. The horns weren't protruding, but it was raining. Moisture does some strange things to feathers (note the last photo).Have a nice week,


1 comment:

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Great pix! We saw it today with Ross! A lifer ... now we need a new nemesis bird.

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