Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally... Siskins

Way, way back in October, I decided to get a little crazy with the feeders. I took some old speaker wire, tied a weight to it and threw it high over one of the big branches in our Maple tree out back. I then tied up six sock thistle feeders that now dangle in a straight line down the wire. It looks a bit like modern art. Anyway...Since then, the most action it's gotten was 16 American Goldfinch at one (at long last), we had 18 PINE SISKINS feeding on my socks this morning. Oh, how it tickles. They stuck around feeding all day, which made me feel much better about my hanging feeder experiment.They were 'zreeeeeting' all day long out there in the yard. Their song was music to my ears.In other news, here are two more photos of the Calvert County hummingbirds.The RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD (above) was a wonderful find, but the ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRD (below) was a Maryland FIRST... a State Record! If you think this bird is way off course, just take a look at it's range map!Happy New Year Everyone,

Dan, Emery & Declan Haas


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Congrats, Dan!!! Now can you send them our way? Or maybe you will find us lurking around your yard, trying to score a county bird!

I retraced our steps in Calvert today - Lisa got both hummers, plus a lot of other goodies.

Happy 09
Warren and Lisa

Nervous Birds said...

Barn? Hmm Hmmm. Well, there were plenty of hunters out there today, so judging by the fact that you're still alive and well... I'd say you skipped that search.

I'm off to play an early gig and then it's to Blackwater at 6:30 AM. The hunt for the Goshawk continues.

On Monday, it a 4AM wake up call for Garrett. I'm ending 2008 with a bang!

You are welcome to stop by the home anytime, do do just be mindful of the dog stuff, if you catch my drift.

Dinner again? 2009 is WIDE OPEN!!


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