Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent Observations

My band and I played a gig last Friday evening in Williamsburg, Virginia. We stayed overnight at the famous Kingsmill Resort, situated comfortably on the James River.With all of the amenities, the hospitality, the wonderful weather AND the fact that we enjoyed some beers until 3:30 AM, we decided to take our time getting home on Saturday. Strangely enough, the warmth that we were experiencing had an almost 'Western' feel too it. You know, that sunshiny feel one might expect in say... Arizona?That might explain why this WESTERN TANAGER was observed by my drummer Mickey and I late on Saturday morning in Jamestown, VA. Ahhh, birds and their odd sense of migratory direction.I shot those photos through glass, so they are more for documentation purposes. Nat Geo hasn't called and asked about using them in their next publication... yet. All kidding aside, I cant thank Bill Williams (the gracious homeowner), enough for his hospitality.Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a call from Chris Murray. He alerted me to the presence of not one, but TWO ROSS' GOOSE in Prince George's County, MD. Essentially that is right down the street! So I finished my work and went to see them before they flew far away.As it turns out, these two white geese did fly away and the reports are in: they've not been seen all day today. TIming is everything.While I was there, I found this AMERICAN COOT on the ice with some RING-BILLED GULLS. It looks as if these two gulls were talking to each other about this other 'odd looking' bird passing their way.A short time later though, it would appear the HEN found a GULLFRIEND to confide in about the other gulls gossiping.And that ends my story-telling for the day. If you find yourself bored in the near future, go take a look at any waterfowl-holding body of water. Sure, the eagles above are falling out of the sky with their courtship, but it's the ducks who are feeling particularly amorous. Love is in the air, so get you binoculars. Maybe you too could learn a thing or two about love by watching the duck's courtship?You should see all of the many dances that I perform to impress my love. My best one is the 'go to the grocery store, fold the laundry, give Declan a bath' shuffle. It's a sure thing!On that note, I thoroughly enjoyed a recent post on the BIRDCOUPLE'S BLOG. It deals with this very same, sometimes-sensitive subject of duck love. Well, it's about love love... perhaps with dabble of lust-love thrown in for good measure. No matter... it's about love people. Love Love Love.Love Love Love. Which is why my wife Emery and I decided to have our son Baptized. Here he is with his Godmother Eliza, his Mom, his Dad and his Godfather and Grandfather Jim. Declan calls him 'pah pah'.

I know you are wondering about my ugly tie choice, but tell me... did you happen to notice my halo?

Good Loving,


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