Sunday, February 15, 2009

Searching for Crossbills, etc

"Hey Mr. Hawk. Are there any Crossbills up there?," I ask. "No," said the RED-TAILED HAWK."Eh, one sec..." squawks the raptor. "Let me just have a quick look over here in these hemlock trees. "A Sharpie once told me that they like to eat those hemlock pine cones the best," screamed the Red-tail. "I've never eaten a Crossbill. I wonder if they taste like Grackle?""Tada! Here are three female WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS for you. I want you to enjoy them first," chirped the considerate Buteo. "So, I promise that I wont eat them... yet.""I've heard they have a nutty flavor," said the Red-Tail. "Since they're White-winged and not Red Crossbills, I suppose I should have them with a Sauvignon Blanc?"The large hawk wondered, "Since these little Crossbill characters don't come down to Anne Arundel County very often, I'm at a loss for the best way to prepare them." "I'm leaning towards having them with some fresh garlic, perhaps a sprig of rosemary and some fresh locally-grown vegetables," said the hungry hawk.""And of course, no finch feast would be complete without some pine nuts as a garnish," laughed the hawk."Now, you do know that I am only kidding with you," joked the Red-tailed Hawk. "I ONLY consume European Starlings, House Sparrows and other invasive species to our local ecosystem."Yes, the BIRDCOUPLE and the HAAS FAMILY went out birding this morning. Declan and I had a blast. Lisa made some homemade bread. Adam, Warren's son, was kind enough to take this photo of us on our bird-filled hike.

Enjoy your Monday!!!


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