Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Turns Out, the Bird is Injured

Life is a mix. The sweet and the sour. The rough with the smooth. A great discovery and a sad observation. Looking at some photos I took of the LINCOLN'S SPARROW from early this morning, this bird is no doubt facing a tough road. It's got a pretty awful looking injury on it's neck.I thought I'd stop what I was doing for a moment and post this just in case some rehabilitator wants to have a go at saving this little sparrow.Back to work.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lincoln's Sparrow in Annapolis.

I found this bird today while I was out running an errand. It was not at it's regular Gettysbury Address, but instead, this sparrow was right here in Annapolis. At Waterworks Park no less. To be even more specific, this LINCOLN'S SPARROW was right at the entrance to the park.I didn't even have to go inside to force myself to look for some other interesting migrant.Nope, this was so convenient, I was able to get my chores done in no time at all.Even had time for a chat... a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT.Here are some other photos from recent trips. Enjoy your summer, err... I mean Spring. Hot enough for you yet?-Dan

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I've been too busy to keep up with the old blog lately. Busy with work. Busy with music. Busy with the family. Busy with the yard. Oh, yes and that little thing called Spring Migration has been a tad distracting too.

But before I get too involved in the hunt for this season's songbird arrivals, here are some memories from the past few months.
A Black and White Warbler, seen this weekend at the Scenic Rivers Land Trust's, "Walk for the Woods." This was the third year for this fantastic adventure through the South River Greenway, an IBA (Important Bird Area). This year's walk yielded 69 species... and a Warren Strobel Subspecies of the Barred Owl. ALMOST countable!A Blue-Winged Teal couple, enjoyed at Jug Bay North, a very cool little park off of Sands Road in Southwestern Anne Arundel County.I recently enjoyed watching this Caspian Tern juggle a fish that it had just caught. It would throw the thing in the air, probably some attempt to impress a lady tern, and then catch it again. Repeat. My Mom always told me to not play with my food. Ho hum.I can't forget about that Dunlin that showed up at Fort Smallwood Park. Thank you Stan Arnold for the phone call alerting me about the presence of this great bird.An overexposed Glossy Ibis is never a good thing. But here is one I recently saw in Northern Anne Arundel County.This Little Blue Heron was there as well. To be more precise, there were six of them foraging around the Swan Creek Wetlands.One evening (a week or so ago), this Pine Warbler paid a visit to my maple tree in the back yard. By simply looking at this photo, it would appear that I've just given up trying to become a better photographer. Not true, I have only regressed a little... a smidgen. Ok, a lot. Did I mention that I've been busy?How nice was it to see Royal Terns in Weems Creek before April? I love my little neck of the woods.Tree Swallows are a sure sign of spring. And their chittering is a welcome sound to cold winter ears.My Screech Owl hasn't been around in a while, so I took out a home equity loan and added on to the owl's house. Perhaps I was shooting too high? The second home is about 15 or so feet off the ground, which is the recommended height.And lastly, an Iceland Gull from this past winter. Significant only in that I am saying good bye to the winter chills and hello to warmer weather, complete with the chorus of spring migrants.

Good Birding,


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Year Birds Are Like a Box of Chocolates

This week alone has been a bounty of new year birds for me, here in Anne Arundel County. It hasn't required lots of effort. Most of them are just merely observed while doing my day to day. It's easy this time of year; the birds just come to you!From Royal Terns to Caspian Terns, from Northern Rough-Winged Swallows to Barn Swallows, from Chipping Sparrows to... well, I'm still waiting for the LeConte's Sparrow to show up again! ; ) The year birds are dripping from the trees, falling from the skies, playing in the mud, swimming in the water and hiding in the grass.Look at the bush outside your bedroom window. See those little leaves about to explode?Notice the trees? Yep, they are ready to paint the brown branches green.Have you seen the ground? There are plants bursting out of the mulch!It's wonderful. I hope you are enjoying it. Oh, and these photos... well, they are of those WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS that invaded West Annapolis a short while ago.


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