Thursday, May 28, 2009


Look what I found... all my photos are HERE. Who knew? Not me.
But wait, there are more... HERE. And still more over HERE.

I'll bet this KILLDEER chick didn't know about this.And this ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK didn't have a clue.Same holds true for this 'almost' BLUE variety of GROSBEAK.Ah, but it's true I suppose. Whenever I upload a photo to my blog, it also goes to my Picassa profile. Well, that is what I think at least. Speaking of least, how about a LEAST FLYCATCHER? Better yet, how about a back-lit version that Warren Strobel, Chris Murray, David Yeany II and I saw in Garrett County this past Monday? I thought you'd like that...Finally, I win the prize for the worst CERULEAN WARBLER photo of the day. We did not play this bird's song in order to lure it in, as often is the case with other species. It is a critically-endangered warbler and truly, it doesn't need us humans bothering it with the sounds of imaginary territory rivals.Nope, we just waited and watched and enjoyed this beauty (one of three we heard singing) as it foraged around in the canopy.

I have no shame. I'll post just about any terrible photo, so long as the bird merits. Like this LEAST BITTERN!Best,

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