Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Most Days I Only Sell Scissors...

...but today, I was lucky enough to see one (of the avian variety).A SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER appeared in Kent County. Discovered by Jim Green, it was simply too magnificent a bird to not go chase. So late this afternoon, I grabbed my camera and drove over before darkness descended onto Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge.She was a stunning beauty, despite her distance. Please enjoy these photos that snapped of her flying about the refuge.Lastly, on the way home, I heard my first BOBWHITE of the year, calling it's name at Chesapeake Farms. They used to be all over Greenbury Point here in Annapolis. Last year, we had some calling in May but the repeating whistles of 'BOB WHIIIITE' stopped shortly thereafter. Hopefully one day they will return to Greenbury Point's fields and brush.

Meantime, one more photo...Best,



Carrol said...

Lovely! Thank you, Dan, for sharing your photos - which I've enjoyed many times but not acknowledged.

Nervous Birds said...

Thanks Carrol! It truly is my pleasure. Hopefully, they'll be many more stories and photos to share in the future.


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