Thursday, May 21, 2009

OLIVE for MOURNINGS like this...

So, Chris Murray found an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER at Governor Bridge Park in Prince Georges County the other day. Terry Crowe was kind enough to discover a MOURNING WARBLER that evening in the same park. Thankfully both birds stuck around long enough to pose for some photos. Thanks to Warren Strobel for having the bird quietly perched awaiting my arrival. That was a nice gesture which I'll surely thank him for the next time I see him.

First the MOURNING WARBLER.And here is the OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER.Later this same day, some slightly different kind of birds were observed flying around Annapolis.Here they are in a dog fight with the ever-elusive CHIMNEY SWIFT!A bit later, they got into it with one of the local FISH CROWS.Oh, and here is Lt. Mark... showing that in order to merge left in an FA-18, one should always look over one's shoulder to check for other fighter jets. Do these rockets with wings have turn signals? I doubt it.The whole thing made Declan and Oiseau kinda sleepy.Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!


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