Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Morning, 6AM

I think that is a Simon & Garfunkel record title, but it also describes the time Andy Sprenger and I arrived this morning at Sandy Point State Park for some migration mayhem. The birds were plentiful, both at the park and at our 7AM visit to Greenbury Point. Greenbury is a tad closer to home, which gets us back to work on time!

Here are some visual highlights...A RED-EYED VIREO. No, seriously, it has vibrant red eyes. See?What? You mean you STILL can't see it? Look closer. One more time...Oh, there was this lovely BLACK AND WHITE WARBLER as well. She seemed so peaceful on that limb as she took a break from her nuthatch-like feeding frenzy.The highlight, however was this stunning male BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER. Oh, what a crazy, vibrant bird.This is why birders strain their necks looking through tree tops.And here is one more reason to set the alarm for oh dark thirty... a BAY-BREASTED WARBLER.Lastly, on the way back to Annapolis, Andy and I got out of our cars to admire this fellow. I accidentally turned the knob on my camera, which ruined my settings.For those of you at home paying attention, I typically set my camera to 'blur / underexpose' or 'shake / rattle / roll / overexpose'. It's a gift.

Anyone for some bug love?Ouch! That looks painful. Kind of like this thorny branch where this NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH decided to perch.Ok, so who wants some more blurry BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER photos? You know you do.Best,



John said...

I can hear the soft singing of the birds that I love...

Nervous Birds said...

ah... you're a fan too.

Great comment John!

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