Monday, October 12, 2009

Hans finds Haas a Life Bird

Thank you Hans Holbrook for finding this very rare White-faced Ibis this past Sunday. Sometime during the late morning hours of the Big Sit (known on the island as the 'Sit on our Assateaguers' group), Hans decided to venture out of the circle and see what we birds might be hiding out around the corner.The White-faced Ibis has a glowing pink eye, which on this particular bird really stood out in the marsh. Not so much in these photos that I took, but you'll have to just trust me on that identifying field mark. It was feeding next to a Glossy Ibis, the more common variety of Ibis in Maryland.Thank you Hans. Even more rare knowing now how unlikely it is to find a White-faced Ibis in the fall.It was a great discovery, and it was only one of many great birds he has located recently for me.

In other news, if you MUST watch the tele, might I suggest this program? Nature. The episode airing lately is called "Raptor Force." Very enjoyable.

I will leave you with a Peregrine Falcon, of the Tundra variety, the came tearing in off the ocean on Sunday. Declan did all of the background artwork.-Dan

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