Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haas Means "Rabbit" in Dutch

Or maybe it's German. Either way, on the way home from a meeting in Kent County today, I noticed this Red-tailed Hawk feasting away on a rabbit in Queen Annes County. It was late in the afternoon and the rains were about to fall. I was cruising down 213 towards Centerville when I noticed this (small for a Red-tail) hawk feasting away. From what I understand, rabbit is very lean and good for you. Judging by the size of this raptor, he could use the meal. I just hope he keeps the rabbit's foot for good luck.

In other news, here are some photos of the recently-returned Sparrows (White-Crowned and Lincoln's), a Yellow Palm Warbler to Anne Arundel County, along with a soon-to-be departing Blue-Headed Vireo. Enjoy.Soon I'd like to show you a photo of a Connecticut Warbler, but for the moment, this bird remains elusive!


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