Monday, October 19, 2009

Tree Swallow Migrational Mayhem

Tree Swallows. Enjoy the migrational collection while it's still slightly warm outside.The entire flock of them would fly in relatively tight formations and then all dive deep into this bush. I suppose they were feeding on it's berries. But, literally, the entire flock would vanish into the bush and then in a few seconds come bursting out and flood the skies. It was absolutely astounding to watch.Lastly, here is one of only 27 Cattle Egret that I saw while driving North on Rt 3 in Gambrills, MD this afternoon. I was on my way to visit a school and was surprised to find them hanging out on the side of the road in a vernal pool. Not a cow in sight. That said, there is a farm just over the tree line.Have a great week,


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