Monday, January 18, 2010

Big January and Big Help

As I wait to go onto a Monday morning conference call for work, I thought I'd post a new blog. First off, how've you been? I trust that you are enjoying your year thus far. I am.

2010 has been busy with family and work, but of course I've seen a precious few great birds. And that got me thinking about my goals/plans for 2010, but more on that in later post.Here is one sighting worthy of a report: the Shippensburg, PA wintering PRAIRIE FALCON. Declan and I drove up there for a falcon visit last weekend.That PRAIRIE FALCON flew in at 12:30 from the rock quarry where it is thought that the bird likes to roost. This stunning falcon bolted right over our heads and landed in a distant tree.Both Declan and I were thoroughly impressed with this life bird. Inspired, I paid our local Peregrine Falcons a visit recently. It's not often, but sometime I luck into finding both the male and female Peregrine (as evidenced from the tricked-out photo below).The only thing bird-related that I've REALLY been following as of late is a "BIG JANUARY" competition that the Bird Couple and Ross Geredien have been engaged in this month. As I type, Warren is at suffering through work in DC, while the blonder-half of the Bird Couple (Lisa) is out in the field looking for new month birds. And Ross? Well, he is doing a big day on the Eastern shore. It's very exciting indeed. My role in their adventure? Well, I might be bolstering their totals by adding a Peregrine (or two) to their list.


Anytime one birds the Eastern Shore of Maryland, one adds loads of bird species. So to Ross... good thinking. Bird Couple... time to pay that Bay Bridge toll and get over to the coast! Just start in Worcester County and bird your way home.In the meantime, whilst I was enjoying Thomas Point the other day, I felt quite honored to observe this floating life-saving vessel speed past our famous lighthouse on it's way to Haiti. Tears were in the eyes.My bands and I are currently working on an idea to help with the relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.


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