Sunday, January 3, 2010


Have a look at the last bird that I observed in 2009: the local female PEREGRINE FALCON. I thought it fitting that I stop by on December 31st to wish her a Happy New Year.When I arrived she was on the tree right above my head. I was scanning the bridge and didn't even notice her perched a few feet above my head. To correct my poor observational skills, she took off and flew over to buzz the bridge. She then proceeded to fly immediately back into the big, old dead tree. It was as if she was wishing me a Happy New Year too. Here's hoping she and her mate have nesting success this year.And so, after finishing my afternoon coffee on New Years day (that's right... afternoon coffee! Did I mention that it was late night on NYE?), I decided to run some errands. I thought what better way to start of 2010 than to go say hello to the falcon? Well, I'm sure there are bazillions of better ways to start a decade, but I have enjoyed my time spent with the local Peregrines and errands needed to be run. So why not?

And there is another pair that I REALLY loved spending time with... these two!! Declan and Isla. FUN is most certainly on our 'to do' list this year.Oh the plans that I have for us in 2010! I am very excited about the memories that are soon-to-be created.

Happy New Year!


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