Thursday, December 23, 2010

Declan and the Northern Wheatear

Declan and I went to Wilmington to see a bird. The bird was a NORTHERN WHEATEAR. They breed in Northern Canada, Greenland and Alaska. They winter in sub-Saharan Africa. Go ahead... check out a map and you will better understand why it is so impressive to have one of these birds land in our region.This bird was the 2nd sighting EVER recorded in the great state of Delaware. The first sighting was by Maryland birder Sam Dyke near the Indian River Inlet on September 21st, 1957.According to Cornell's 'The Birds of North America', "This may be the only regularly breeding passerine bird of North America that migrates to wintering grounds in sub-Saharan Africa, crossing either the Atlantic Ocean or the continent of Eurasia."Birders all over the region are delighted that this one stopped in Wilmington, Delaware. Lucky us, although next time, I'd prefer this bird land in our state. This NORTHERN WHEATEAR was my 100th bird in that flat state just to the East of Maryland, and it was a lifer for both Declan and me.Finally, this falcon (the photos above and below) is far more likely to be observed in our neck of the woods... an AMERICAN KESTREL.Here is Declan, thrilled to have seen such a wonderful wayward migrant, as well as three speeding Acela trains.Merry Christmas!


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Carolyn said...

How beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

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