Monday, January 17, 2011

Life is Hard

Standing on the rocks at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis, this Cooper's Hawk looked majestic and fierce.The bird was on the hunt, and quickly decided a better vantage point was in order. So it flew to the top of the old Severn River Bridge.Prey spotted, it took off like only an accipter can... much like a bolt of lightening.Since I was beneath the old roadway, I had to run up the hill back to the bridge to see where this raptor went. No worries, a FISH CROW alerted me to the hawk's exact location.What happened next was a blur. The hawk, in between the time when I photographed it on the bridge and when I ran up to the top of the hill, had snagged it's prey item. Dinner was served. Try to guess...Watch your back!



Megan said...

So, what did he eat?

Nervous Birds said...

That poor little bird was a Song Sparrow. But like Susan wrote, even hawks have a rough time. We all gotta eat!!

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Awesome series of pictures, Dan!

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