Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Goose, Snow Goose, Snow Goose

I had a morning appointment in Snow Hill, MD. Just outside of town, there is a field that is regularly littered with hundreds upon hundreds of SNOW GOOSE. I was able to nab two birds with tags, which I will report.That one tag feels like my belt after Thanksgiving dinner. Someone put that one on a bit tight, no?Anyway, I was particularly interested in this one odd goose. I checked my guides, and searched the internet... but there are very few images or descriptions of a BLUE SNOW GOOSE with this eye ring. Thankfully, Bob Ringler and Frank Marenghi respond to my query about this goose. It does occur occasionally and is nothing too unexpected.The only image I could find online was of a flat painted snow goose decoy with a white eye ring!And yes, my meetings went great! Thanks for asking...

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