Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wild Goose Chase and a White-winged Dove

Check out this partially-albino Canada Goose.
Wait a second... something is not right about this bird. Let's see if I got another shot. Oh yes, here...a first-ever record for a ROSS' GOOSE in Harford County, MD. This bird breeds in the Arctic, but typically spends it's winter in California.That said, this species is being observed more and more on the East Coast.But here, enjoy some extremely awful photographs of a recently-discovered mega-rarity for Maryland; a WHITE-WINGED DOVE.According the Cornell's BIRDS of NORTH AMERICA ONLINE, "this large, semitropical dove ranges from the southernmost U.S. and Mexico (where it is partially migratory) south through Central America and much of the West Indies." Here, check out the range map (Courtesy of BNA Online) to see how rare a bird this is in Maryland.I suppose as the birds in Maryland get better and better, my photography just gets worse and worse.Eh well, I'm still quite happy...


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