Sunday, January 9, 2011

Harley in Baltimore AND Anne Arundel

This morning, the third ever recorded HARLEQUIN DUCK was discovered by Keith Costley at Fort Armistead Park, which is situated at the Southern end of the Key Bridge (Sunday, January 9th, 2011).For a bird that prefers rocky coastline and fast surf, the weather and the habitat certainly suited this sharp-dressed duck.Makes me wonder just how many might be around in the bay, as they typically are found down at the ocean.If you are enjoying the shores along the our mighty bay this month, do keep your eyes peeled for this magnificent duck.Considering that more than half of eastern North American population of Harlequin Ducks winter in coastal Maine, anytime one gets found in Maryland, it's exciting and worth documenting!The fort was named after Major George Armistead. And for all of you history buffs out there, George was the commander of Fort McHenry during the British bombardment in the War of 1812.The fort was abandoned in 1923, but was eventually claimed by the City of Baltimore in 1928.The property was used as a Navy ammunition dump during World War II and returned to the City in 1947.It has been run down in recent years, and the scene of many a crime. But today this historic park at the foot of the Key Bridge played host to a most beautiful bird.To the best of everyone's knowledge, the duck paddled over the county line a few times, making it a 'tick' for both Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties... for those of you keeping score. ; )ABOVE: Baltimore County.BELOW: Anne Arundel.Best,

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