Monday, October 15, 2007

Birds and the Moon

I got my Wingscapes BirdCam up and running. I love it. I just know that while I'm out and about visiting schools during the day for work that all sorts of rare birds are stopping by my yard. They are surely visiting the feeders, perched in the Tulip tree or the within the roses. These beautiful migrants are drinking from the water sources, or pecking on the ground for something interesting. And now that I have this camera, oh you can be sure, they're going to be caught in the act. (NOTE: This afternoon, I did manage to witness a Coopers Hawk flying into the tall Silver Maple tree in my back yard. At that moment, ten or more Mourning Doves scattered into sky in a panic! Great fun!)

Back to the point of my blog: today, the only birds that posed for the camera did so only to mock my new device. Notice all the mooning going on in these pictures? Yeah, the House Finches have turned out to be devious little posers.

Tomorrow I will find a new spot for the camera. I assure you that a rarity photo will be coming soon!

House Finch Rear

Doves Bathing

House Sparrow




Larry said...

Hey come on now-isn't this a family oriented blog?-What's with the butt shots?

Barry said...

Today is Friday, 10/1/2010; and I think birds are cool!

Nicole Tomaselli said...

How is your camera working? I just stumbled upon your blog when checking out the cameras... I'm thinking of applying for one through their application for use with our elementary environmental science classes. Do you ever skype with classrooms and talk about birds and their habitats?

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