Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Marriage and Yard Work

Ladies and Gentlemen, I extend to you my sincere apologies.

Sure... I could've posted the exciting details about how I did NOT see the recent rare visitor, a Calliope Hummingbird in North Beach (or how Warren Strobel was the lucky one to last see the bird). I might have talked to you about how I am still noticing the occassional Osprey overhead, or that a Merlin flew over my car this afternoon in Severn. I could have told you about how wonderful it is to watch the White Throated Sparrows perform their little moon-walk dance in search for a meal in the mulch. Nope, I just kept quiet this week.

Instead I've been quite busy planning for a little wedding this Saturday. Not just any wedding mind you, but one involving Emery and myself. Mmm, that'll take one's mind off of birds for a week or so.

In preparation for guests, I must tell you that the yard and garden has NEVER looked better. The home is about to get a thorough, detailed cleaning. And all of those little fixes I've been avoiding are now repaired and complete! Everything, including the recent rains, is wonderful.

Am I stressed? Sure. Running short on time? Absolutely. Wondering just how I will squeeze in a bachelor party between now and Saturday when I have gigs on Thursday AND Friday night? You bet. Do my arms, legs, back and other parts hurt and ache from all of the hard work? Uhm, I'm typing this with my nose.

So wish me luck. In the meantime, enjoy these BirdCam photos! I love my BirdCam. Did you get yours yet?

If you need me, I'll be practicing the words, "I DO." Oh, and I am trying to teach one of the local Chickadees to feed from my hands (see last photo). Patience, Daniel Son. Patience.

I just noticed this heron diving in the wood!

Can you see the Chick-a-dee contemplating taking a meal from my hand?

Good Birding,


1 comment:

Larry said...

Congratulations! Nice photo too. Hope all goes well.

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