Monday, October 29, 2007

Married. And the Chickadees would vouch as witnesses!

Emery and I are officially Wife and Husband. Sixty family and friends dropped by the Haas Home on Saturday just after the rains ended to make way for the sun. Frantically, I prepared our patio for an outdoor ceremony while house finches, blue jays, cardinals, house sparrows, white throated sparrows, robins, chickadees and one dark-eyed junco watched.

Our wedding was far more emotional than I anticipated. A better day and evening I could not have imagined.

During the ceremony, we had a moment of silence, interrupted only by a rustle in the leaves. I believe that rustle was a sign of approval from a White Throated Sparrow under the Oak Leaf Hydrangas. It was a most beautiful day for Emery and I. To those who were in attendance, we are deeply honored and grateful. To those who were not there; we wish you could have been!

Here are two photos, courtesy of Moe Hanson, my artistic neighbor. Many more photos to come...

All the best,

Dan & Emery

Emery is such a hottie!

1 comment:

Warren & Lisa Strobel said...

Emery, you are beyond lovely. You don't look so bad either, Dan. So happy for you both. More pictures please!

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