Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gosh, no hawk...

But how does three RED TAILED HAWKS, a COOPERS flying low, and one RED SHOULDERED HAWK soaring (all near BWI) sound? Yes, there was no NORTHERN GOSHAWK to be found. But, I'll keep a close watch.

I did manage to see one of my favorites, an AMERICAN KESTREL, on Fort Meade, near the intersection of Routes 175 and 32. Ah, another typical day at the office, driving from school to school. I love my job. I am birding and selling, selling and birding. What could be better?

WOW! Just a moment ago, while I was typing, I heard three birds smack into my kitchen window. Yes, there are deterrents on them. I knew something was up. When I ran out to see what was going on, I saw a COOPERS HAWK fly out of the large juniper trees in my back yard. I don't know if he had his breakfast with him, or if he needed to continue to hunt, but talk about sneaky. I now know this bird's strategy. My home is "U" shaped, so he flies his prey IN to this area where there is little escape. This bird is slightly small for a COOPERS, so I am assuming that it is a HE. Anyway, these little poor little house sparrows... their only hope is that my kitchen window is open. It's not usually open in the winter. (That's bad for the heating bills). Interesting morning!

Here are some photos of yesterday's birds. Taken with a camera pressed up to one side of my binocs. Tricky, eh? No. More like overexposed.



Good Birding,


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kinsey said...

last Tuesday (July 8 2008) at about 9 AM I was leaving BWI in my car and about to turn into 295 toward DC when a Coopers Hawk about 20 feet over the road came right at me...and over the top of my car.. the end on view showed the "flap flap flap... glide ... flap flap flap .." flight better than I have ever seen it. do they breed near BWI?

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